Monday, December 30, 2013

Douse of the Day

Hey y'all.

How've you been? Good? I'm happy to hear that. I've been good, too. Busy as a little bee.

In these past few weeks, I've been buying presents, opening presents, doing school work, applying for this and that, and everything else. This, combined with extreme bloggers block, has stopped me from posting. How silly of me! However, Christmas, with all it's magicalness and beauty has given me enough time and ideas for a whole bunch of posts. Get excited. About a billion blog  posts are coming to a blog near you. (aka this one).

Anyway, I just wanted to start up an occasional little type of post I'd love to trot out: a douse. A douse (said deuce) is a double use, usually utilizing a neglected material.I'll be posting a few every once and a while.
This week's douse isssss....
BRACES WAX (or any kind of wax) AS TAPE.

 Now, if you're a little brace face (like me) you'll often be given or offered little packs of wax you can use to dull any sharp points the braces have, and I don't know about you but I rarely (to never) use mine, meaning I have several little boxes that go unused.

One day, I was looking at my little box and thinking: "Gee, this reminds me of something..." and then I realized what it was-- Fun-Tac. Now, if you've never used Fun-Tac before, what did you do all third grade? I don't know if it was just my school or maybe just my class, but kid would steal it off the backs of posters and distribute it to friends. I was rarely close enough with the troublemakers that would perform such a terrible crime to receive any, but I still got my hands on it from time to time and would spend hours with my hands in my desk, stretching it back and forth with a tiny and rebellious smile on my face.
I sure was naughty.

Anyway, you can use your wax to affix any sort of posters or photos onto almost anything, including walls.

A little goes a long way: just pinch off tiny pieces and smack them on every corner, then smack the paper wherever your heart fancies. It's easy to attach, easy to remove.

Alternatively, pinch off medium sized pieces and put them in between the folds of paper while wrapping presents for a polished and invisible finish.

Alright, that's all for now. I'll be posting a recipe soon as well as a hair tutorial and some beauty reviews.

oooo(hugs) Shana