Saturday, December 27, 2014

Anniversaries and Returns

Our one-day anniversary has just came a few minutes ago and I am already madly in love. Whoops.

My new HP Stream 13 computer and I have plans to go all the way--to college together, and to school and newspaper meetings. 

I can't imagine a world without her--incredible speed and stunning graphics.

I can hardly go ten minutes without dreaming of her--cute tile display and gradient island keyboard.

We were made for each other and shall be happy together always. (In about two years, I imagine, I will be looking backing on this post on the same computer and humorlessly laughing, as I now have nothing but loathing for the snail-speed computer with defunct programs and an overstimulating display. Hopefully not, but that is the saga with every computer ever always.)

Besides by love for Theodora, I have deciding to continue blogging, albeit sporadically. I don't have much else to say on that. Sorry.

Expect a post on podcasts, maybe one about Maureen Dowd, maybe one on sweet potato chili.

oooo (hugs)

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