Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY Days: Scrub and Lantern

Hey cutie pies!

How are y'all  doing this Monday night? I'm just as dandy as a dandelion, but dreading midterms :'(. High School quite often sucks.

Anyway, it was my friend Olivia's birthday yesterday and I made her a cute little present I thought I made share with you. Because glass jars are ecofriendly, trendy, and all around wonderful, I used those as the "theme".

Present #1~ DIY Sugar Scrub
This is an extremely simple and pleasant little scrub that I made in about 10 minutes with stuff I already had in my house.

You will need:
In a metal bowl, combine two tablespoons and .5 teaspoon olive oil, 1 cup sugar, and about 15 drops essential oil (don't let the title fool you, essential oil is not expensive. I picked this bottle up at the dollar store for 1.07 with tax)
Scoop it into a glass jar, voila. A cute, cheap, lil diy present. Bonus: very nice moisturizing quality, and sugar won't irritate skin. Yay ;)

Present #2~ DIY candle lantern (credz to cakery papery for idea)

Okay so I did a ditzy move and forgot to take a picture of this when it was all finished, but it looked basically like this:
Image credz to cakery papery

 Almost as simple as above but with a little more room for error.

You will need:

combine glue and a little water for makeshift modpodge

 Using a paintbrush, spread the glue-water over as much as you like. You can make designs or just paint all over. Either way is cute.

Once you are satisfied with the design, pour in some glitter. Screw on the cap and vigorously shake to get the glitter allllllll over. If there's some spots where you don't want glitter, just use a qtip to gently remove.

 Once dry, simply place a little tea light in the bottom and be entranced by this lovely little sparkly lantern.

 oooooooooooo (hugs)
shana <3