Thursday, October 10, 2013

My 10-10 favorties

Today is ten ten. It's like 11-11, but not as cool. Anyway, I just decided that this deserves a favorites post. (I wanted to do a September Favorites, but it's too late for that so I made up my own thing. Deal with it.)
So, here goes:

1.) My Graphing Calculator-
 Sorry, I know this is really nerdy. But I just want to be honest. I got a graphing calculator and I LOVE it. It makes math so much easier, and to be honest a little more fun. Furthermore, it's really easy to use. I love it. (It's the model Texas Instruments 83 Plus, and I got it at Staples for $115 but I know you can get it cheaper on Amazon or Target.)

2.) Cambridge and Thames Sour Lemon Drops
I'm a sucker for anything lemony. Anything at all. That's why I was thrilled when I got these lemon drops for my birthday. At only 5.15, the price isn't bad and they are deLICIOUS first, their coated in powdered sugar for a sweet start. Then, though, you get to the lemony bit and it's just sweet enough to be pleasant and just sour enough to be interesting. It's all so nicely balanced, and so lemony. <3

3.) My Vera Bradley Post-It's and Pens
These are just plain old fun. Thet're jazzy, but also utilitarian- the post-its work well and the pens write beautifully. perfect.

4.) Sour Patch Watermelon
I got a box of these for my birthday and MAN are they delicious. They're large and chewy and sweet and sour. They remind me of just sitting back and chilling in the summer. I know that's sort of general and weird-sounding, but that's what they taste like to me. 

5.) Wet n Wild Juicy Lip Balm
All the things in this favorites are fun, and this is no exception. This lip balm is absolutely addicting. It's kind of large and it smells nice (like strawberry flavored stuff), so I always look forward to putting it on. It's also tinted a really pretty shade and has SPF 15. What's not to love?

Alrighty, that's this months 10-10 favorites. They're all fun and I would recommend them all to my friends and strongly discourage them to all my enemies. (kidding c: )

ooooo (hugs)

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