Thursday, March 13, 2014

How I Study

I work hard at school.

(To put it super simply)

And although I can try and ignore it all I want, studying is a major part of working hard.

This is how I study. I know it probably isn't applicable for everyone, either because you aren't in school anymore or because this just doesn't work for you, but I also know that I couldn't do it any other way and some of you must be in the same boat.

I love a good study guide/master notes set and because most teachers won't hand those out, I like to make them for myself using all the notes I've acquired into a color coded Microsoft Word document in Calibri 11-point font, because everyone knows that is the superior font and color coding is for cool kids. I will type these up a couple nights before a test or quiz and go over them again and again until I feel like I've got it. After the unit is over, I'll file away all the study guides and take them out again when midterms or finals rolls around. With vocabulary words, however, (English or foreign language) I will create a set of flashcards and review those in the nights leading up to as well as breakfast/lunch before the test. In a similar way, I'll file them all away for exams.

I always plan out my study breaks so I don't risk spending too much time during them. Set a point (either a time or certain extent of information) when you want to stop reading/reviewing and take a break. Figure out what you'll be doing in that break (eating, watching the television) and set a realistic time when you will need to stop. Set an alarm so you'll be aware that your time is up, it will make you less likely to "forget" to look at the time.

I try to make a to-do list of all the things I have to cover, and order them so I get all the hard stuff done towards the beginning with small sections of the easier stuff. It prevents that "Wait, it's ten o'clock and oh shoot I have to take a shower and clean my room and do all the math problems and study for that quiz that I forgot was tomorrow" moment that I have experienced too many times.

Even though I have yet to consistently do this, even paced studying is best. Even reviewing the notes you did in every class for 10 minutes a day is beneficial.

When I have some test that involves me knowing sequential things (usually history) I like to tape a string of yarn up in my room from one corner to the other and make index cards for all the things I need to memorize. I will put the title/name of the event (if it has one) on the front as well as the date it occurred, and add a back with facts. It helps visualize all the events in order and makes you research them a bit more.

While writing this I realized that I have a ton more tips so one day (maybe soon) I'll make a part two. I have a bonus post coming Saturday, so follow me to see it, and there will be another one next Thursday.

stay wonderful!

stay, wonderful.

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