Saturday, February 15, 2014

Blogging Literature

hey there, gals and bois.

I changed my blogging day from Saturday to Thursday because I changed my name to Thursdazed (lol jokes get it). Anyway, here's a Saturday post just for funsies and because the link at the bottom is updating my blog for bloglovin. (#followmeplz).

Anyway, I decided just to scare up some fun reading things that you could check out so I didn't have to make a post that just said hey here's a link please follow me okay thnx bye.

Here's some worthwhile things to read/check out:


If you haven't heard of the Shaytards, you clearly have not been watching a lot of youtubers lately, because they are all over, with good reason. They've made a video of their lives everyday for the last 5 years, and they are cute and funny and wonderful. Reading what I've just written over, I'm not doing them justice in the least. The quality of their videos far exceeds the quality of my writing.

I feel like this post is full of mainstream stuff.
The small things blog is this cute little blog that this cute little woman called Kate writes. It's informative and the photos of her newborn, David, are enough to make anyone's heart melt.

Okay so this isn't something that you can read or watch, but I've found this super helpful for editting blog photos. It's free, straightforward, and I don't know. A little bit wonderful
4. Mark McMorris

This blog post, which was supposed to be modeled after The Small Things Blog's "Sunday Reads", took a turn for the unexpected and hot. Seriously though, this guy is a Canadian snowboarder that made it to Sochi, but broke a rib, causing him to fail in preliminary rounds. He is quite the cutie.

Okaaaaay. That post turned out way different than I thought it would.

Oh, and backstory/inside Shana's head time: The idea to call this post "Blogging Literature" popped into my head, which made my mind jump to AP Lit, which made my mind jump to AP Lang, which is what I'll be taking next year, and then I remembered I still have one period empty and I have no idea what to fill it with, and then I was like oooonoooo should I take AP Psych or is 4 APs too many APs and what if I can handle it and what if I give up an extracurricluar like cross country so that I can fit Psych because to be honest I really am interested in it and my sister says it isn't that hard but Olivia says you need to study a lot to make it happen and I just don't know if I'm driven enough to make it happen and then i realize that I need to whip myself into shape because last year I was driven to the nth degree and wow being only a freshman who's workload was extremely extremely light and easy what a waste that was, if only I could shift that to this year when everything is harder and there's cross country and the musical and chemistry and oh dear god I hate chem and then I realize that maybe I should try and be good at chem because if I do, in fact, decide to be a doctor then it must be important, but then I'm like maybe I just want to be a doctor because that's what they are in scrubs and that show is hilarious and then I'm like okay this is too much i need to stop.

Okay. I love you for reading that whole thing. Seriously.

I'll talk to you Thursday with an epic three product review. I'm extremely excited for it <3

stay wonderful.
stay, wonderful. follow me.

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