Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday OOTD

Oh man okay so today is Friday and I always save my cutest outfits for Fridays just cause it's Friday. friday friday friday.

Anyway this will just be a little bonus short post, they'll be a big one this Thursday. 

I got this cute little overall skirt thing from TJ Maxx (Happening in the Present) for 16.99 and it's quite comfy and stylish, although not tremendously flattering for a super slim gal.  The shirt underneath is also from TJ Maxx (Poof!) and cost $7.99. It's the basic kind of a thing that every girl should have. The scarf is from (ooops my bad I forget where it's from). Because it's winter and winter means cold, I wore black leggings from target (Mossimo) underneath but when the summer months roll around I think I'll be wearing this with a brightly colored shirt and patterned tights. Also due to the cold/snow/rain, I wore my owl rain boots which are falling apart and look ratchet so I did not include. Any kind of shoe (minus sneakers, I think) would look alright with this type of an outfit.

alright as aforementioned stay tuned for thursday! I'm excited for it. However, I think there may be a bonus post before then so get excited for that. okay enough talking now have a great day <3

stay wonderful.
stay, wonderful. 

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