Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Favorite Way to Do My Hair

I am a blonde. And I am proud. 

I have extremely fine, medium length hair that doesn't require too much maintenance, but I give it love every single day and in return, it is quite soft and manageable. They say treat others how you want to be treated, and although I know it sounds a bit strange: the same applies to your hair. Treat it nice, and it'll be nice in return. 

One of the ways I am nice to my hair is limiting heat. And by limiting, I mean cutting it out almost entirely: the last time I curled/straightened my hair was over a year ago, and I've only used the "Heat" setting on my hair dryer once in that time frame (the cool setting takes a little longer but it helps your hair out in both the long and short term by overall protecting your hair and making it shinier, which any exposure to chilly temperatures will do). Anyway, because of my heat ban, I like to use the following method to style my hair. It's easy and leaves my hair happyhappyhappyhappy.

So, let's start!

1. Start with wet hair, either recently washed or just sprayed. 

2. Comb, NOT brush, your hair out. Never ever ever EVER brush your wet hair. Wet hair is more elastic than dry hair, and brushes de-tangle by slightly stretching your hair. Using a brush on wet hair stretches it to the point of breakage, causing split ends.  

3. Work in any anti-frizz/texturizing product. I personally like the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-in Conditioning Cream. My hair is easily weighed down by product, but this makes no difference. In addition, it makes my hair hold a wave ten times better. The longest I've ever kept it in was a day and a half, but it preserved the style that entire time without ever looking greasy or heavy. I think I'm in love. <3

The container suggests about a quarter sized amount, but I like to use a teensy bit less because I don't have that much hair. Rub it between your fingertips, and work it through your hair starting about an inch away from the roots and working downwards.

4. Now depending on time constraints you can do one of two things at this point. You can wait for your hair to dry and then brush it, for smoother, tangle-free hair, or simply proceed to the next step.

5. Braid! Depending on hair thickness, determine the number of "plaits" you need and braid your heart out. I use two for my thin hair. 


5. Continue with your day/night. Unbraid after a few hours, or immediately after waking up. Results may vary, but this is how I usually look.

Depending on the weather you can style it accordingly:

It also works well when pinned back from your face with bobby pins or a hairband.

Yay! I hope this works as well for you as it does for me. If you like the waves to start a little higher up and you have nimble fingers, try french braiding. If your hair is thick, try three braids instead of two. For tighter waves, try a product with a stronger hold or use hairspray. For looser waves, don't use any product at all. It all depends on your preferences and your hair type. Experimentation breeds excellence, so even if you don't like the result the first time around, try it again with different factors.

That's all! I have two posts coming out tomorrow and Saturday that I am really excited about, so get pumped! 

ooooo (hugs)

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