Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Little Things

Hey There!
How are you?
I'm good. A little tired. (Basically the life of a high school student.)

Anyway, today we're going to talk about The Little Things. "The Little Things" are not the best high end lipsticks or the best Kim Kardashian makeup techniques. They are the small ideas, products and methods that make your life just a tiny tiny bit easier. And honestly, who wouldn't love that?

So, let's start off:

1. Water~ Alright. This isn't really a little thing. It's a big thing. It's a really big thing. But too often I forget just how important water is,  and how drinking more of it can help in more ways than one. First of all, some myths debunked: you don't need to drink eight glasses a day: That was a suggestion rather than a scientific theory. However, you do need to drink enough that you feel well hydrated and satisfied. Also: drinking more water won't usually make your skin look better, because the first few layers of your skin are all dead, meaning water isn't being actively sent/used to them. However, if you exfoliate regularly, you may notice drinking an abundance of water will make a difference in your skin. Water just makes you feel better though; I was dehydrated for a few days this summer and it was torture. Just saying.

2. Tea- specifically the Green Tea with Mango from Bigelow. Tea has endless benefits: anti-cancer properties, anti-heart disease properties, anti-hypertension properties, and pro-happy properties. Amazing, huh? Normally I don't love tea: the weird watery taste is quite strange, but this stuff is great. Really, really great, and it contains just the right amount of caffeine to wake you up while sparing the jitters. Perfect. 

3. Easy French Manicure Tip- for the perfect round edge, put the curved edge of a band-aid a millimeter or two away from the tip of your nail and paint over it. Voila. The perfect french manicure. 

4. Lipstick as blush- Whoever discovered this works is a genius. Just take any lipstick, draw a little on and blend your heart out. Your lipstick and blush will never clash, you'll save money, and it has great staying power. Who wouldn't love that. (I love Ballet Shoes from L'Oreal (reviewed here)). 

5. Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils- For those of you in school, I  would highly highly recommend these. They have gummy pink erasers that are like magic wands and soft dark lead that makes every word look smarter. Just saying. 

So those are the little things for now. :) I hope you liked them. 
ooooo (hugs)

P.S. exciting moment of the day- I asked Louise Sprinkle of Glitter a question and she answered it in a blog post. How cool is that?

P.P.S. dumb moment of the day- I was making a ton of pasta for my friends and I was so busy and rushed that I poured the pasta and water in at the same time and then spent 25 minutes draining the pot with a bowl and a small strainer because the pot was too heavy to pick up. yup.

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