Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My most favoritest lotion ever

Alright, behind facial cleanser, a good body lotion is VERY important to me, and today we'll talk about my all time favorite, the (drum roll please)  Nubian Heritage Mango Butter Lotion!!!!!!!!!
Excited yet? Here's the "down low"  on it.

The strong points: 
     ∞The consistency of this lotion is AMAZING. It's thick, creamy and feels like angel wings. In fact, it's so thick it's quite hard to get out of the squeezy top, but if you unscrew the cap and scoop it out, it works quite well. 
     ∞The smell  is really fantastic. It says "Mango Butter" but it really reminds me of Creamsicles. I love it, everyone I show it to loves it, I actually checked to see if I could get a perfume in the same scent. (You can't, FYI.)
     ∞ In terms of the moral side of this product, it doesn't get much better. It's cruelty free, certified organic ingredients, sustainably produced, has ethically traded ingredients, and made in the USA. Neat. 
     ∞ It does make your skin feel quite a bit smoother and smoother, although I wouldn't say that it is phenomenal. My skin is neither dry nor oily, so it didn't make a huge difference, but i definitely noticed a change. 

The weak points:
     ∞ At about 10 dollars and $1.25 per ounce, it isn't cheap, but I would definitely purchase this again. 

Overall, it's a really great lotion due to both it's moral and physical attributes. You can purchase it here

Alright! That's all for now! ooooo (hugs)

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